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Corran Waterlust iSUP

Corran Waterlust iSUP

The Waterlust is a high end, super lightweight, high pressure and stiff iSUP ideally suited for people looking to get out on the water, with a performance board that has all the benefits of normal inflatables.


The board is designed to offer the perfect balance of glide, speed and stability, so it's both easy to use, and a pleasure to paddle. The non chaffing deck pad ensures maximum grip without rubbing you raw, so you can do yoga on it, or simply lounge about. Bungees fore and aft ensure maximum space to carry gear, whether that's just your life jacket and phone, or camping gear for the weekend.


The Waterlust 10'3" and 10'8" come with a battery operated pump that inflates to 20psi (so you can keep all your energy for the paddle) as well as a standard hand pump, a performance paddle, snap in fin and repair kit.

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